Meet the Team

loll tattooing2
Meet the Team
loll Lorraine
 Our main tattoo artist and shop owner has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a Pencil! 
 She studied at St Martins School of Art in London, leaving with a BA Hons degree.  Having always
 been a painter and then an art tutor she decided to change medium about 12 years ago and started
 painting on skin instead!
Rich tattooing Rich , who is an exceptional artist himself.  He has been tattooing for over 6 years and has a very promising career ahead of him.
                            Joe  is our newest artist. He Apprenticed under Lorraine and has shown amazing 
                                   promise and is going to have a long career ahead.

missy MISSY head of Security and Entertaining the Clients.
Why not take a look through some of our work in the gallery and we hope to see you and your ideas in the studio soon..
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